The Power of Breath


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BreathworkONLINE Program

This 7-week online journey is a group program that gives you all the tools you need to become physically, mentally, and spiritually free and happy. The journey enables you to make a deep change in your inner attitude towards yourself and others.
The breath and the conscious handling of it is the central theme of this course.


Duration1 session of 2 hours per week, for 7 weeks
Hold ByPatricia COESTER
Booking TypeOn Demand
Pricing$1450 USD
Special feature2 x 30 minutes of individual Coaching
Spaces Per Session8 Participants
LocationOnline Program

Contents of the journey

Why taking this online journey?

Your Path to a Healthier and Happier Life Begins Right Here

Our journey starts with our first preliminary talk, after which you decide whether you want to invest time and energy and actively engage in changing your health, satisfaction and success.

During the period of 7 weeks it is my task to help you shaping the change in your life. I support you with my energy, commitment and my joy of development. You have the possibility to book two individual coaching sessions of 30 minutes each with me personally. You may book the two sessions whenever it suits you.

The possibility to work in a very intimate small group supports you in your learning process to get feedback from others. We create our own community.

My methods are a combination of my 20 years of corporate experience in coaching and therapy. The way of life here in Costa Rica, the connection to nature and its origins. The breath is a valuable support, I myself have experienced that the conscious breath is key to the change in body and soul.
I am happy to become your personal teacher and coach.


Start Your
Transformation Today

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