Coaching (Single Session)

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Enjoy the comfort of having your personal Life online coach right at hand.
This online Life Coaching is for you who wants to become physically, mentally and spiritually free and happy, it enables you to make a deep change in your inner attitude towards yourself and others.


CategoryLife Coaching
Duration60 minutes
Hold ByPatricia COESTER
Booking TypeOn Demand
Spaces Per SessionPrivate Session Only
Pricing$230 USD

What’s included?

What will I achieve?

What’s included?

We use conscious breathing technique that will give you the absolute foundation in the management of health, stress, and energy. It is part of the essential skill set that is required for peak performance, as well as being a powerful methodology for healing and self-awareness. You will understand how to use your inner power and have access to your own Mind and Body Medicine. Connect with me for a first call.

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