About your Coach

Patricia Coester

Transform the passion for your dreams into action for your life. You are the one that truly knows who you are and what you need inside of you.
As your coach, I’ll empower you to discover what your personal best might be and help release what no longer serves you. The Coaching Process brings you success in your life, in relation with yourself and others, in your business and beyond.
My extensive 20+ years experience in coaching, psychotherapy & breahthwork will give you the powerful tools you’re looking for
to achieve your goals or be the remedy of what is harming you.

What can you expect from
your Coaching?

You’ll be able to:

Elite Mind & Body
Online Coaching

Enjoy the comfort of having your personal
Life Online Coach right at hand.

This online Life Coaching is for you who wants to become physically,
mentally and spiritually free and happy.

Fulfillment + Success + Health + Self-love = I Care

It enables you to make a deep change in
your inner attitude towards yourself and others.

The Right Formula

Choose your own path.

We designed two different options to explore:

Private Coaching
as you go

Session per Session

No matter if you need to make a decision, or you are in challenging time of your life, sometimes we need a sparring partner I can be the one.

Full Transformation
& mind-blowing results

Session per Session

Connect with me and get an insight on short, middle or long-term challenges as you need, along the way, or evaluate if Coaching is the right path to improve your current situation.

What makes our Coaching special?

We use conscious breathing technique that will give you the
absolute foundation in the management of health, stress, and energy.
It is part of the essential skill set that is required for peak performance,
as well as being a powerful methodology for healing and self-awareness.

You will understand how to use your inner power
and have access to your own Mind and Body Medicine.

Associate the power of Coaching
to Breathwork’s to achieve your goals fast.

Ignite Yourself

& Embrace new potentials

Clear away limiting beliefs and recognize your deepest desires to live your life at its best, along with the conviction of inner freedom, self-determination and joy.
Start to develop your full potential now with our powerful coaching techniques and 20+ years of experience as an elite psychotherapist.
We offer several types of coaching journeys to respond to all your needs:

Personality Develoment

Personality is what makes a person unique, and it is recognizable soon after birth. In personality development coaching, we observe the organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a journey taken in your quest for achieving your own goals and dreams. I’ll guide your to reveal your deepest desires and take action to build & achieve them.


Our Career Counseling & Career Coaching approach is designed to help you find your ideal career so you can enjoy every day rather than spend all week counting down the days until the weekend. Life is too short to stay in a job you hate! We will work with you to help you find your passion, move forward in your career and achieve your full potential.


Coaching is the best tool for relationships, whether it’s on 1:1 session or with your partner. As a coach, I believe communication is essential to obtain successful results.

Business &
Executive Coaching

Increase your performance, build-up an efficient team and achieve your professional objectives. Top managers always need great advisers.

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