A simple breathing exercise can help one achieve a life of stress-free bliss

It’s important to manage your stress levels so that they don’t impact your quality of life or make you sick. The first step is identifying where your stressors are coming from so that you can figure out how to deal with them properly. Some common sources include workloads at work or school, family obligations, financial concerns, or conflicts with other people (friends, coworkers, etc.).

The next step is figuring out what works for you when it comes to coping with stress—it might be going for a walk or doing yoga at home, reading a book, talking things through with someone you trust, meditating or journaling…the list goes on! As long as it helps reduce those tension headaches and keeps you feeling balanced throughout the day then it’s worth trying out!

The 2:1 breathing method is a simple technique that even seasoned meditators sometimes ignore or underestimate due to its seeming simplicity (exhaling for twice as long as inhaling). Breathing techniques such as 2:1 breathing, and alternating nose breathing, all operate in conjunction with one another to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which brings us to a calm state.

In the following video, I’ll show you how to put this breathing exercise into practice.


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