My company experience, coaching and accompanying of executives through Coester Coaching, as well as my work with personal and therapeutic processes makes it possible for me to understand you with your longings and wishes and to help you to discover your potential and to bring it to life.
The experience of standing in front of nothing as well as living in Switzerland on a very high level has shaped me as a person and gave me the insight that we can achieve everything with courage and confidence.
The way of life in Costa Rica, the connection with nature and its origin has led me to the most important aspect of life, the key to change in body, soul and spirit – our breath.

Education in Transactional Analysis & Integrative Depth Psychology

Member of World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP)

Certified Coach & Supervisor BSO

Breathwork facilitator & therapist trained by Dan Brulé

Member of Breathwork Alliance -

ROMPC® Coach

Trainer for Behaviors

Systematic & family constellation therapy

Development of human potential with the Symbolon Method®

ZRM Self-Management (University of Zürich)

Further education in ZEN & Leadership Change Management

Various mindfulness and meditation retreats/seminars, 20 years of yoga practice

Education in Fashion Design

Patricia Coester brings two decades of elite executive coaching in Switzerland, her further education in both Transactional Analysis and Integrative Depth Psychology along with her extensive knowledge of systematic and Family Constellation Therapy help her dive deeper into human complexity.

She's an intuitive coach and also an experienced psychotherapist (Member of World Council for Psychotherapy WCP). A successful career as a fashion designer, and a passion for painting and dance allows her to see the beauty in all and everything. Her style of breathwork draws richly from her training by world-renowned “Breath-Master” Dan Brulé, trauma release work and the study of physical, emotional and mental health.

Proving that softness and strength are perfect partners, Patricia brings an elegance and grace to her breathwork,turning it into a both powerful and peaceful practice. Currently living in Costa Rica with her husband, her daughter and grandchild two dogs Simba and Motita, her mission is to create and promote an environment of safety and care where people can open and expand into their best version.

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